Eagle Mountain

Farmhouse Cheese Co.

Our Milk

Great cheese must necessarily start with great fresh unadulterated raw milk.  In this regard, Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheese Co. uses only the pure fresh raw milk from Mike and Debbie Moyers' Sandy Creek Farm in Bridgeport, Texas.

Mike Moyers with one of his prized Brown Swiss cows at Sandy Creek Farm.  Photo by Dave Eagle

The Brown Swiss cow, introduced to the US in the 1860's, is a coveted breed of dairy cow for cheese makers.  Open pastured, grass fed dairy cows are only going to be found on small closed herd dairies like Sandy Creek Farm.

One of Sandy Creek Farm's fine Brown Swiss cows posing for the photographer.  Photo by Dave Eagle.

Dave Eagle, Mike Moyers, Matt Eagle and Lucas Eagle at "Meet the Cheese Maker" at Scardello in Dallas.


Dave Eagle believes that developing a strong relationship between the artisan cheese maker and his dairyman is the most important factor in providing the discerning consumer with the finest in hand made artisan cheeses.